Crying Mary

She’s a no good harlot!

She’s possessed with evil intent.

She paints her face and wears improper clothes.

But, the winds scream Mary.

Why is she this way?

No one but she and her God know what happened to her.

One act of kindness from the Right Person-

She is healed.

And, the wind whispered Mary

My Catholic named is Mary Magdalene.

I know her pain and see through the lies.

Her invisible scars speak to me.

And, I cry MARY!

*giant nod to Jimi

Heart Ache

As popcorn birthing

My eye is popping, hurting

I can feel the vein

Thumping its way to oblivion

I grab my medicine bag

And produce a green and yellow capsule

Pop it in my mouth and flounce to the floor

Am I having a heart attack?

Should I have taken aspirin, too?

No, there’s some in the med.

I begin to meditate…my emergency meditations

The yogi asks if I responded or reacted

I did both, you fool

The reaction was my response

Did my heart attack me ?

I will never know

Has time passed, no

though the clock says so

I sneeze and, for a millisecond

My heart stops again.

The weird thing is I am in the exact same position as before

Only my chest aches on this stark, old, wooden floor.


How innocent is a flower

after being plucked a half dozen times?

Or a snowflake that has already melted

on a tongue?

How rosy are the cheeks

of a Holocaust survivor during their camping trip?

Or a worn to the bone mother of nine

who can’t recall which end of the blush brush

paints her pale skin haunting

her prominent cheekbones?

How many pens can a victim use

to tell what you have done ?

Or pages of paper-tear stained paper?

How many hells will you endure

before and after your death?

I don’t care.

Trying, B

As I stand trying,

the world goes on around me.

Little do I know what happens next.

I am loved by about three people in the universe.

Which is fine for most,

but not for me.

I want to be cherished and radically loved-

not for the potential but for the me.

I love but do not feel loved.

Yes, this is possible!

I am a burden to many,

loved by few, tossed and turned by the waves of life.

My depression breaks down the door.

Doors are just the polite way of coming in.

When is my turn

Or did I miss it?

I know I live in this house to learn,

but, please, let school be over.

I have tried beyond belief.

Punishing me; let this time be over!!!

I have learned.

Let school be over.

Let my freedom bells ring.

Let there be peace today!

Thank you for reading! I hope that you have an amazing day!!♥️♥️♥️

The Day God Helped Me Walk

This morning I woke up without the ability to stand.

I couldn’t crawl or get back up onto the couch either

Though I finally beseeched God in prayer and could get water

But, my legs were giving and I barely made it back to my recliner before my legs gave out

So I haven’t eaten today, but have taken a slew of medicine

My spirits are up, because I serve a great God. He will heal me to walk again when I need to.

He’s a good, good Father.

Don’t Deserve You but I Will Serve You

I love you, my Lord,

and, when I think about you descending to be the Word,

I get chills as I feel your Spirit touch my heart just like a Holy bird… like unto a dove.

There are times, when I don’t feel I’ve done enough to deserve your love…

to deserve healing from above.

But, when I look back,

I see the oppressor never won a single attack,

Evening though you don’t need glasses to see all that I lack.

Taking care of sin is just your knack,

and that’s a fact.

You are my Hallelujah!

You are my AMEN!

I will have no problem getting through to ya,

because no one, no, no one stands between me and my God.