There’s a Cog in my Throat

My throat feels like someone scratching their nails down a chalkboard.

It has a lump in it that makes me keep wanting to swallow, but I can’t.

I keep trying to talk but I can’t even get out a word.

I feel too awful or I would go on a tirade and rant!

Poet’s Note: I realize that this piece isn’t my best poem, but, in addition to the migraine, I have lost my voice. I promised myself that I would publish a writing on here every day, and this is the best that I could do in the state that I am in. Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate your kindness.

One Kool Kat

I have to phone to get in

on the sick side.

I’m not a leper

or a lady of the night.

This carpet is older

than I am.

And, your toilet

was like using an outside can.

I’ll still test positive for Covid

for two more months?

May as well have chicken pox, shingles or the mumps.

Oh, wait, I do have shingles.

Want to come mingle.

My dog’s a service dog.

Thank you for recognizing that,

and for making her legitimate.

Dr. Ray, you are a kool kat

Your demeanor and knowledge

are where it’s at.

It’s Dr. Ray and the ladies in the house.

Make you feel like a Kat instead of a mouse.