The Heart of the Matter

Lust begins in the eye of the storm.,

Love in the heart of the matter.

Lust is hot and physical to boot.

Love is a steady eddie.

Lust could become love but more likely not even friendship.

Love begins with friendship and attraction, like lust follows.

Lust gets up and leaves when sex is over.

Love holds you dearly after love making.

Give me love any old day.

Lust, after all, is a Queen’s gambit.

Trying, B

As I stand trying,

the world goes on around me.

Little do I know what happens next.

I am loved by about three people in the universe.

Which is fine for most,

but not for me.

I want to be cherished and radically loved-

not for the potential but for the me.

I love but do not feel loved.

Yes, this is possible!

I am a burden to many,

loved by few, tossed and turned by the waves of life.

My depression breaks down the door.

Doors are just the polite way of coming in.

When is my turn

Or did I miss it?

I know I live in this house to learn,

but, please, let school be over.

I have tried beyond belief.

Punishing me; let this time be over!!!

I have learned.

Let school be over.

Let my freedom bells ring.

Let there be peace today!

Thank you for reading! I hope that you have an amazing day!!♥️♥️♥️

Upon Falling to Sleep

With all of the rain today, darkness comes as a wet, hot cloth covering the eyes of a migraine sufferer.

Stars race around,

Flakes in a snow globe.

The moon relaxes her body down almost to Earth.

My dogs fall asleep side by side with heads on my lap.

Now, it’s time for me to say Good Night Moon and soar off to Nod.

Now, it’s time for all good girls to go to sleep.

I am too exhausted to be bad.

There’s a Cog in my Throat

My throat feels like someone scratching their nails down a chalkboard.

It has a lump in it that makes me keep wanting to swallow, but I can’t.

I keep trying to talk but I can’t even get out a word.

I feel too awful or I would go on a tirade and rant!

Poet’s Note: I realize that this piece isn’t my best poem, but, in addition to the migraine, I have lost my voice. I promised myself that I would publish a writing on here every day, and this is the best that I could do in the state that I am in. Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate your kindness.

One Kool Kat

I have to phone to get in

on the sick side.

I’m not a leper

or a lady of the night.

This carpet is older

than I am.

And, your toilet

was like using an outside can.

I’ll still test positive for Covid

for two more months?

May as well have chicken pox, shingles or the mumps.

Oh, wait, I do have shingles.

Want to come mingle.

My dog’s a service dog.

Thank you for recognizing that,

and for making her legitimate.

Dr. Ray, you are a kool kat

Your demeanor and knowledge

are where it’s at.

It’s Dr. Ray and the ladies in the house.

Make you feel like a Kat instead of a mouse.