Upon Falling to Sleep

With all of the rain today, darkness comes as a wet, hot cloth covering the eyes of a migraine sufferer.

Stars race around,

Flakes in a snow globe.

The moon relaxes her body down almost to Earth.

My dogs fall asleep side by side with heads on my lap.

Now, it’s time for me to say Good Night Moon and soar off to Nod.

Now, it’s time for all good girls to go to sleep.

I am too exhausted to be bad.

Dirty Rotten Downdrels

How does it feel down there

Underneath my stable square ?

What does the sun look like

when there are no windows for light?

Do you crawl around on your tummies?

Does the dirt floor taste yummy?

Is that why you steal my food

whenever you’re in the mood?

Thieving my diabetic supplies

was a step too far, that’s no lie!

Crawl back to your cave


Poet’s note: There are people living under the house I rent…vagrants. They’ve raped me. They steal my food. This time they went too far AGAIN and stole my diabetic testing supplies. I have no idea what my sugar is running. I’ve been crying for an hour. The police don’t believe me even though the rape kits showed I had a semen- like substance in my vaginal area. The police actually charged me with a class A misdemeanor stating that I had used there man power for no good reason and I knew I was lying. They included the SANE nurses, and EMS. I drove myself to the hospital. I didn’t enjoy having 30 pubic hairs ripped out of me. This whole thing is a crap storm and I am SICK OF IT!!!