Prayer Shawl

Prayer with every stitch

Softness cuddles nape and nog

Takes me close to Him

This poem goes out to all who are being or have been affected by cancer. My prayer shawl was made for me during my second journey with cancer by someone who will always remain nameless to everyone at my former church (I moved), because no one knows who does them- not even the priest! Talk about selflessness!! Whenever I am down or sick, I grab this wonderful shawl and rest with it.

Not So Fast

If I gently surrendered to your lips from mine,

Where a thousand females had been a million times

If I squeezed, squeezed, squeezed your hand in rhythm

Would you squeeze mine back three times in sum

If I put my heart on paper each day but refused to send it

Would you pick my heart’s shattered pieces up and carefully try to mend it

I guess what I’m asking upfront

Is after tonight who will bear the brunt