I Miss You

I cried for you today.

In panic like I have never felt before,

Mila, Beth, and more tried to calm down the crazy lady,

but I needed to peel my skin off and climb on the ceiling and sit where I could breathe and see life.

I threw a tizzy.

I had a fit.

I had a whole dairy farm, and I am lactose intolerant. I was wildly tossing gluten in the air and catching with my open mouth.

But, seriously, I cried hard, “I can’t catch my breath, I’m going to suffocate tears” for you.

I missed you and don’t know where you went.

I searched the whole world, and came back frustrated and angry.

I miss my best friend.

I miss me.

7 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. Susan, please take care. I know it’s difficult, but come out of the shell, and do something of your choice. He might also be praying for the same. God bless you!

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