The Day God Helped Me Walk

This morning I woke up without the ability to stand.

I couldn’t crawl or get back up onto the couch either

Though I finally beseeched God in prayer and could get water

But, my legs were giving and I barely made it back to my recliner before my legs gave out

So I haven’t eaten today, but have taken a slew of medicine

My spirits are up, because I serve a great God. He will heal me to walk again when I need to.

He’s a good, good Father.

7 thoughts on “The Day God Helped Me Walk

  1. Is there no one you can call to help you? You really need to eat something and stay hydrated, especially if you’re taking a lot of meds. I hope you’re going to be ok. If you can, please call a friend or call 911. 🙏🏼

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  2. It all just *snap* went away. I ate a lot, went to the bathroom, and changed clothes. Then, it all started again. I have a sister on standby should anything happen and a telehealth tomorrow. Thank you for your concern and caring!


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