I have never felt this hot in a decade.

You pushed all of the wrong buttons when you called me a bitch.

And, just because I drove down your driveway? Please…whatever.

The time has come to grow up, boys and girls!

This isn’t Romper Room.

There’s no purple dinosaur telling you that he loves you.

I realize that you are young without any creative force behind you to even live out, but please…whatever.

You aren’t going to lure me into a duel.

If it were to be an intelligent conversation, you would come ill equipped.

I don’t fight those odds. It isn’t fair to you.

So, you hate me? I don’t doubt that you know what hate is. Just quit with the screaming of absurdities, please…whatever.

And, not only am I a bitch but a fucking one at that!!!

Stay classy, neighbors! Please…Whatever.

5 thoughts on “Please…Whatever

  1. Thank you, my friend! You do see the two commandments there, I am sure. To love your neighbor, you must love yourself. I pray you do. I am working on it! ♥️ There’s much to overcome. But, if I try to pass the day to get better the next, I am happy.

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  2. So pleased to read this comment. And yes, everybody should try to become a better version of himself or herself every next day. Thank you 😊

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