Why? Just Why?

Memories of you prance around in my head.

I don’t understand how you could play so many roles and be one person.

I am confused.

You were contrary- intentionally.


I remember great moments and horrible encounters with you.



It doesn’t really matter.

I loved you just the same whom ever you were at any given moment.

You were my whole world, and that was a mistake I should have learned upon Mom’s dying.

I didn’t learn then, but I am now. It doesn’t sting so much anymore.


Because pain is the price we pay when we love someone.

The corners are softer than they used to be.

The memories are stark, clear in my mind, but fuzzy around the edges in my soul.

I think we took turns as Narcissist and Empath until I finally left the scene, and you left the storyline.


You pare an entity who ears souls and minds. My Avenger skills are no match for one who devours worlds. My whole world…

You were Hawkeye and I struggled and fought you to the death.

I died.


I am Black Widow.

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