Making a Metta Moment

Breathe in peace.

Yesterday was a horrid day.

Breathe out anger.

Breathe in love.

I never do anything right. I am a loser.

Breathe out self-hatred.

Breathe in acceptance

My body is gross. Who could ever love me.

Breathe out dark refusal.

Breathe in stillness.

I’m so anxious my hair is falling out and I’m grinding my teeth.

Breathe out nervous energy.

Breathe in radical love

No one ever invites me to do anything.

Breathe out dark hatred.

Breathe in peace.

What do people expect from me. A robot? A doormat? A yes woman?

Breathe out hostility


Breathe in love.

Breathe out love.

Breath in love.

Breathe out love.


12 thoughts on “Making a Metta Moment

  1. Excellent poem, Susan! I liked the concept of breathe in, breathe out. An uplifting piece! Well penned, direct from the heart. Blessings to you!

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