To Migraine or Not to Migraine

This migraine med, my Lawd!

I’m stoned out of my guard.

Is it better to be in piercing pain?

Or knocked out on the couch again.

6 thoughts on “To Migraine or Not to Migraine

  1. Better not to be in pain but it would be nice if there was something that didn’t knock you flat on your ass! Is the med a pill you can break in half and maybe still get some relief? I’m sorry you’re going through so much 🌹

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  2. Thank you, Nancy. No, it’s a capsule that I usually pry apart and sprinkle a third or a half on something and take it. This migraine has been ongoing for 6 days, so I took the full dose for the first time. I feel like I am walking on clouds, and there’s nothing strong in it. Everything is just surreal. Thank you for caring.

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