The Other Alphabet Song

A you’re so assanine

B you’re a big bovine

C you’re so carefree with your words

D you’re a dodo head

E eeekkkkk you’re so bad in bed.

F you’re a fool who smells like turds

G I hate it when you goose me

H you’re a hellion to the T

I you’re so idiotic to me

J you’re just a Jack wipe, too

K you kiss like poo

J you’re just a trickster full of charms

K you’re a kicker full of harm

M N O P I could go on and on and on all day

Q R S T alphabetically speaking your a Jack off, okay

U are a track stain

V you’re so very vain

W X Y Z it’s fun to put you down

You dirty, measly clown

And my life without you gets an A


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