Just a Thought

I often, like now, feel overwhelmed by all of what seems necessary in life. Then, I think love God first and love your neighbor as yourself. Everything else is just busyness which the adversary uses to derail us. Today is The Sabbath for Chistians. I suggest resting as God Himself did on the seventh day. All the nonessential nonsense can wait. Relax. Read. Play uplifting music. Write a confusing text to a friend (see other post), pen pal someone who is lonely (ahem…just clearing my throat, eat cold meals today if cooking is difficult for you, play an instrument (my bil will be playing the tin whistle-guaranteed), get some Vitamin D from the sun), phone a friend, and a gazillion other things, BUT only pick one or maybe two. One of mine will be reading a book. Shew! I got nervous just reading that paragraph. Again, pick one or two. May God grant you a peaceful day and productive week!

6 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. Today is a really good day for us to relax (kinda hard not to when on vaca!), eat, read and phone my sons and sister. Wrote this AM and tonight on TV is Grantchester. Wooho!! Great show! Now for a chocolate milk shake. 😋

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  2. Iike the concept of Sabbath. I think this (or probably shabbat) is also observed by Jews, when they don’t use even computers. Total relaxation and enjoyment once a week may help recharge battery.

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