Out of Service

Oh, days of being toney about the town,

how I miss you.

My pinkish hue has turned to punk.

My finest food has been made funk.

My smile’s been padlocked in a trunk.

I sloop down farther in my bunk.

I wish that I was more than drunk.

When depression calls on me.

Where did you come from ravenous brute?

You bully in a zoot suit,

I thought that I had given you the boot.

I figured I had killed you at the root.

I can’t even go on a two day toot*

When depression calls on me.

Then, if by miracle, a new wind blows in

giving back my zeal, vigor, zen.

Depression calls, but my number has changed.

Do do do…the number you have dialed is no longer in service. Please, check your number and try your call again.

*Going on a toot is sneaking off to get drunk for a few days. During that time, a drunken person may attempt wild and dangerous feats.

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