Going Down to the Farm

Wild blackberry bushes, you make my hands sticky. But, oh, your fruit tastes divine.

The big field for riding Babe bottoms out. I have no saddle on her and I am clutched to her mane as we soar across the green and yellow.

River, oh, how I adore taking the wooden canoe down to AKeller Dam. Dip, dip, and pull, one side and then the other.

Train, where is your station? Lost in years where Granny would hear All aboard echoing through the old country store. Now, your great engine just blows past the trees calling to days past.

Little church, with your designated pews name plaques on them, are you listening to my grandmother pumping the ancient organ?

Freckles, freckles everywhere, you are as much a part of the farm as the cattle and tobacco. Why can’t we put a little cabin in the woods upon the peak.

Watery creek, you know my skin well as my naked body floats like lemons in Momma’s tea until a splashing quarrel begins, and my suitless body is drenched. Watch out for the snapping turtle, boys; They are mean.

Goodbye, Granny.

So long farm.

If folks can’t see the beauty in you, they will never see the true me…

13 thoughts on “Going Down to the Farm

  1. My husband died about 3 years ago. Up until then, I just had a horrible case of writer’s block. So, after, it went away, and slowly I started writing. I just finished the first book in my memoir I collection. It’s in editing right now. I am pacing the floor…lol.💗💕🌸

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  2. My sincere condolences for your loss. I will not even attempt to put myself in your shoes. Writer’s block, I’ve found, shows up whenever it wants to and (at least for me) the more we press the issue, the denser the block becomes. I’m very glad you broke out of yours and are writing again. Congrats to you on your first book. I’m sure it’s a basketful of excitement, stress, pride, frustration and whatever else you care to toss in. People keep pushing me to publish; that’s not my goal. I just want to write for the sake of writing and have fun along the way. It’s a joy to meet new people and good writers like you! 🌟 🌹💕 🐘

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  3. I love that you are writing for yourself! That’s awesome!! I am writing a memoir of family stories for my nephew who graduated high school this year. You see, all of my side of the family that would be spinning yarns have died, so he only knows a few stories about his Mom’s (my sister) and my side of the family. There is sooo much to tell! So, I want to rewrite some of the stories and then the edits, and book one is in the books, so to speak. It’s his graduation gift from Aunt Suz. The generations before me told me their stories, because they knew I would remember and write it down. So, my stories and poems are written partially, because, when they get in my head, I must get them out or I would go crazy and mostly for him. Thank you for your condolences. It’s been difficult. No, it’s been hard. But, God’s got me, and I’ve got this!! Thank you for your writing again!! You are an amazing writer!!💗💕🌸

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  4. Sunnyside, many thanks to you!!! Farms are wonderful, and I am so thankful that you had one in the family, too. Tell me true…did you ever skinny dip as a teenager??? I am so glad that your memories of your family farm came to you today!! And, thank you for the congratulations on my memoir volume one. Your support is much appreciated.💗💕🌸

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  5. Susan, I love the fact that you’re writing for your nephew. These are grand legends which must not get lost in the shuffle of time. My sister and I are the only ones left with the exception of my cousin in Sicily. Many of my stories are about my relationship with my mother, which was not a cakewalk by any means. Now that I’m older I’ve come to realize how difficult her life was and she did the best she could. My grown sons remember my parents but there’s a lot from my childhood they do not know. My grandchildren never had a chance to know my parents. Just as an aside, I print out all my stories as well as the graphics and keep them chronologically in large 3″ binders; I’m well into my third binder at the moment. Hopefully my sons will cherish the books once I’m gone. I suppose I could take them with me for a little light reading when I shuffle off this mortal coil but I already know how the stories end! 💕 PS – I wonder if anyone else has said the title of your blog reminds them of the the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” when Mick sings “Please allow me to introduce myself”? As a musician, that was the first thing I thought of. 🎶

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