I Am Can!

The greatest “I think I can” stories began with

I love I am.

A young shepherd boy runs out from King Saul to battle a giant (I think of I am)

A hundred year old man and his eighty year old wife have the promised son to build a nation (I think of I am)

A man and his family build an ark never having seen an ocean (I think of I am)

One spotless soul grieves to blood sweated forehead (I think of I am)

He is questioned, beaten beyond recognition by the crowd but not His disciples and carried His death token to the hill of Golgotha next to Sheol (I know I am can)

The body hangs from a tree and is taken to the tomb with a boulder rolled before it. (I know I am can)

Joy comes in the mourning and morning. “Why do you look for the living among the dead”? The women pick up spread along the Mary way to tell the disciples! (I knew I am could!)

Greater love has no man than this that He would lay down His life for His friends. (And, I thank I am)

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