Ice Ice Baby

My new ice ice breakers:

1. Have you ever been brutally raped twice in one week?

2. So, what did you think of the SAFE exam?

3. Did you know that they pull 30 pubic hairs during a rape kit?

Yes, I was raped again. And, this time more barbarically than before. If you are keeping count that’s two rapes in a week and three in a year. This time I didn’t let anyone deter me from the rape kit. I went to a different, larger hospital alone and had it done.

The SAFE exam wasn’t that horrible; it’s nothing like what the police and doctors grimly warn you about. It didn’t take three, long, horrendous hours. The worst part wasn’t the SANE nurse pulling out 30 of your pubics. (Hey! Free Brazilian!!) The worst part was the speculum exam and it lasted maybe two minutes. Just a note: you can say NO to any part of the exam process at any point. I demanded the whole kit, because I want to catch the asses. But, my Mom taught me to be Wonder Woman not to brag but to help others.

If you have been raped, I know the first thing you want to do is shower and try to get the icky off. DON’T. And, don’t brush your teeth or wash your hair or douche. If you have to take off your clothes, put them in a paper bag and take them with you. If you have a good police squad, call them even if he or she said not to. If you have a lousy one, go to the hospital. Did you know that you can talk to the police without having a kit done or have a kit done without calling the police?

My final word of advice is stay safe. There are a number of devices that can be purchased to keep both you and your premises safe. If you don’t have the money to go out and snag them, here are my suggestions: deadbolt or padlock your door or windows, nail loose windows shut, buy a coach’s whistle to wear under your shirt, scream “FIRE” at the top of your lungs. For more ideas message me.

Have fun, but be safe out there.