Not Going Viral

Thinking about the homeless during this virus outbreak brought one of my favorite hymns and my ignorance of not realizing for 46 years that Christ’s story of The Good Samaritan was indeed about Jesus and the Golden Rule. At the well, Christ’s disciples asked what good could come from Samaria. This inquiry parallels the question, “What good could come from Nazareth? Both were questions posed by a disciple. Are we all not ignorant and biased? Of course, we are. We are human. At Kroger yesterday, I heard rumors of people snatching masks and sanitizers from one another’s own hands. What??? I will take precautions for the virus, but I will not allow it to consume me. If I get it and die, I will be with my Savior and my loved ones who proceeded me. If I don’t, I will help others who didn’t pass. I have seen people that I love die. Mom and Granny’s passings though not pleasant were marked by a calm knowing on their faces. “Death comes to us all”-Braveheart. The Savior is with us all. He overcame death. And, if the LDS part of this hymn bothers you, get over yourself.